Jun 05

You notice your power bill is shooting again & it is an indicator that it is time for HVAC repair. But, the question here is could you’ve avoided this sort of circumstance? Well, one established procedure for preventing such a situation is to maintain your outdoor condensing unit in tip-top condition.  You must know that the condenser is the most important unit of the HVAC system, and it must be clean for its normal functionality.  Here is how to do so:


Clear the Condenser pan:

This must be the 1st step throughout each upkeep session. Just keep in mind to detach the outdoor HVAC system from the power grid in the first place. It’s wise to put on gloves for eliminating any junk or rubbishes from the unit. You can employ a small vacuum cleaner with a tiny nozzle for extracting fine particles from the foot of the pan.

Clean the Condenser coils:

Usually, the coils in your HVAC unit require cleaning with just plain water. You can employ a garden hose & spray cold water at a medium pressure. However, you shouldn’t employ a pressure washer as it may prompt severe dent to the coil fins, which are pretty thin.


If it is obstinate dirt, you can apply specially made commercial cleaners to the coils. It’s rather caustic & will develop potentially dangerous gases when applied. That’s why you should put on a safety mask, glove and mask when making use of the product and pursue the instructions on the packing strictly.

Reinforcing bent coil fins:

Bending will decrease the volume of exhaust air discharged by the exterior HVAC unit so this problem should be rectified in a timely manner. Because the fan sucks dust, so the fins are heavily surrounded by layers of dust;  Fin-Combing is done to clean the coil. It includes the utilization of a particularly engineered plastic comb. You’ve to run it from the foot up to reinforce the coil fins. This needs care, effort, and accuracy, but the hard-work will pay off for sure.


Don’t forget to Un-plug the Power and the Product manual also gives some good idea about the parts and how to maintain them. The good procedures do look after the outside and inside cleaning of the entire condenser unit.


Last but not the least, if you believe that condenser unit upkeep once two times a year is a tough job which you do not have adequate time for, you must leave it the HVAC experts. Nonetheless, you can’t overlook this very important system component. Africhill can provide you with professional solutions to all your refrigeration and insulated structure needs in South Africa.

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