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Cold storage warehouse, the challenge is to maintain the right cold storage temperature for the products at optimal capacity. With the growth of global frozen foods market majority of the product are being stored in cold storage. Storage is also significant to other industries like pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and some high-tech electronics industry. The need for cold storage continues to grow, the strategic solutions for creating more cold storage and its operating costs. The most important use for a Cold Storage is to keep food from spoiling. The Cold Storage has cold temperatures that are set at the accurate degree to keep food cold until it is ready to cook and serve.

While we are concerned about the Cold Storage Rooms it comes in different size and shapes based on customers investment option, business requirement, storage space etc.  Even the Design of the Cold storage unit keeps a lot of meaning for overall operations.

Understand Customer’s Requirement –

The company who installs Refrigeration Rooms or Cold storage rooms must understand the warehouse requirements.  Some key questions to understand these are:

  • Are the storage product is for Local market or international market
  • Are the storage product is a packaged product or raw product to be processed further
  • Are the storage unit is going to be used in small business like restaurant or hotel, store cruise
  • What kind of volume Refrigeration Rooms or Cold storage rooms for daily transactions

Select the Site where Refrigeration Rooms is to be installed –

For operational efficiency of the Refrigeration Rooms, the space criteria between storage and processing unit to be managed properly. The entry and exits of the storage room need to be kept at right position and even some space need to be provisioned for future Refrigeration Rooms installations. Some key questions to understand these are:

  • Is the infrastructure as dual power supply
  • Is the facility is surrounded with well-connected roads or rails
  • Is the facility has good water sources connected
  • Will it be able to cater to future storage expansions
  • Can a truck gets into the docking unit of the cold storage room

Size of Storage unit –

Size of storage unit does matter as Cold Storage Room; Refrigeration Room units used by a food store may not be same as that of a Ice-Cream manufacturing unit. Hence based on the size of the business the Cold Storage Room, Refrigeration Room do need a custom design.

nother factor is different product need different temperature & humidity level and hence the sizes do vary to maintain energy efficiency.

Key Components of a Storage unit –

When we talk about design considerations it is important to know what are the Key components in of  Cold Storage Room, Refrigeration Room;

  • Compressor/Condenser
  • Air Conditioner units
  • Humidifier
  • Backup power Generator

Apart from these the storage interior need to have good shelving and racking systems  or mobile racking systems  for efficient goods movement and storage.


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